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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Saturday, August 27, 2011

To Anonymous"from Belle Starr at"Silverado Ranch--Douglas,AZ

anonymous----your comment on "It's A Boondockers Paradise
                                    Room to Roam
             you said and I repeat---WORD FOR WORD
"sad sad sad. that's all i can say.  All I seen were starving            animals and has seen  IT'S LAST DAYS"

           SWEETHEART--------you "ain't" seen NOTHING YET

PICTURE AT THE TOP--------Belle Starr at age 65
                           as she is today----almost 84 --------

two things you don't want to MESS WITH--------the STATE OF TEXAS
                                                                             BELLE STARR
 *************** DO YOU READ ME: ANONYMOUS ??????????????? **************

1 comment:

  1. Yep 20 acres of trash, dirt,rocks, brush,poop, starved horse skeletons.... What a place. I guess what they say is true .... "Aint no fool like a old fool"