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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Friday, August 12, 2011

DEATH OF ARABIAN MARE__due to seizure of Belle Starr's Starving Horses--by AZ Dept of Ag.

 My 22 year old pure bred Bask Arabian Mare is DEAD-----
June 29-2011  Phantom was one of the 15 of my horses--seized by the AZ Dept of Ag.---livestock division---under the supervision of Hilary O  Bert: livestock Inspector.
She  was taken to Horse'n Around Rescue Ranch--(consisting of four acres) in Hereford,AZ
by Steve Boice--co-owner of the Rescue Ranch.

As Arabians are very sensitive to their surroundings ----We had never been apart for 18 years--
and were in TOUCH every day at some point-----I can imagine just how frightened and scared---
being taken off in a trailer to an unfamiliar place---and without her  horse companion of 15 years.

July 18-2011--Phantom was returned-and at that time--three more of my horses were taken to 
Horse'n Around Rescue Ranch--under the supervision of Hilary O'Bert.

July 23-2011--noticed Phantom was not feeling up to her normal health status---before being taken.
July 24-2011------Phantom stopped eating and was laying down.
July 25-2011------Sometime in the night-----MY PHANTOM DIED.

She is buried in my side yard where my bedroom overlooks--I can no longer open my window in the mornings to call PHANTOM  and here she comes.    
     Thanks to the AZ Dept of Ag--livestock division and to all other people involved in this
INHUM,ANE ACTION------even to video's published about Belle Starr's STARVING HORSES--
on You Tube by User-Composer: Rachel Clink----Whose was on my ranch for 3 1/2 weeks--
having total care of all my horses----brought here and recommended by Richard Kozak-- a former helper  now livinng in Holbrook,AZ. 
Her legal name--Rachel Rutherford--also aka Corina Shoester--Imposter name---(emailing me on the pretense that she had lost 15 Arabian Horses to the AZ Dept of Ag.
To  OBTAIN INFORMATION  about me--Belle Starr.

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