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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Calling Boondockers who would like to spend some time RE CREATING
the town of Silverado---back in the 1800's.

Ad some History in your wanderings around Arizona  and relive the old West.

ACT out your illusive dreams ---
 be it Wyatt Earp---Sundance Kid
Calamity Jane---Wild Bill Hitchcck
 Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate
     in a video made on location

 Carpenters needed to construct
replica of Belle Starr's cabin--furnished as in the 1800's 

 Boondocking in the spacious Campground with access to Water ,Dumping and garbage disposal
                                  BEAUTIFUL SUNRISES-----------GORGEOUS SUNSETS
                                                WITH A VIEW OF THE MOUNTAINS

                                                 FREE in exchange for A HAND

                                    SIT AROUND THE CAMPFIRE------have a HOT DOG
                                        listen to "Tales of the OLD WEST and SING A-LONGS
                                          bring along your Banjo's--guitars--Mandolin's and such
                                                   SQUARE DANCERS !!!!!!!!!!!
                                                            DANCE AND TWIRL

 in  THE MEANTIME------ enjoy a horseback ride--a hike to the old abandoned mines----
        the MUSEUM IN THE ORIGINAL RANCH HOUSE of the ORIGINAL 40,000 acre
                               BOX HOOK RANCH ( Spanish Land Grant of the 1800's)
                                                   AND GET ACQUAINTED
                                                                with your BOONDOCKING  CAMPERS
                                    PLUS----all the Critters and legendary BELLE STARR
                                                     of the 21st century (going into her 83rd year

Where the Pigeons come home to ROOST

      not to mention "Pretty Boy" (the pea cock)
          and the chickens and the white Geese
             the talking Amazon Parrot--"Sassie"
                AND the twin GUINNES

                                              EL CAPITAN  leads your trail ride