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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Monday, August 1, 2011

Belle Starr:Accused of Starving Horses at her Silverado Ranch--Douglas,AZ

T this is the follow up of the death of my Arabian Mare-Phantom  taken June 30th--returned July 18th bySeve Boice--part owner of the Horse'n Around Rescue in nearby Hereford,AZ--where he has four acres in which to keep the horses he rescues.---This I was informed by his associate-Theresa Warrell--whom I called --
520-26-0236--inquiring about Phntom.  She stated they were trying to find 100 acres to lease for pasture--but had not been able to find any.

The AZ Dept of Agriculture--livestock division--gives seized horses to Steve Boice and he in turn--ADOPTS OR FOSTERS them out--to cut on feeding them--as he has no holding facilities  for them and  to reduce the cost of feed bills.   I understand that four Rescues have been shut down by the US Humane Society that are located in Arizona plus other states.--because they were starving the very horses that were seized by the AZ Dept of Agriculture----I have been in contact with the CEO in Washington--that is where my information comes from..  And to think----They seized my horses under beguilance---and will not tell     me where they are------
I an now thinking  that my Phantom-God knows where-----half scared to death--never been away from her safe home and me.--put in a pen (perhaps dirty)--had water--I guess.  As or food---a poor grade of hay with BEET Pulp to fill her stomach tha(reacts t o water---causing the stomach to bloat and gives the appearance of the horse gaining weight.--but not HELTH WISEfor the horse.
HOW DO I KNOW???  I am always researching for better and healthier ways--for feeding my horses that were used and trained for a purpose--not for just a passing fancy.
        Phantom was healthy when she left here----died 7 days after returned by the AZ Dept of Agriculture .

I havre been falsely accused of starving my horses by the livestock inspector--Hilary O'Bert--Rudy Acedo--
signed and got the judgement against me-Rachel Rutherford--the woman sent here by one of my former helper--Richard Kozak---saying she was well qualified to take care of all Horse endeavors here at the Ranch. My feed bills from 2008---were in theamount of over $50,000.00  and can be reviewed upon request..---not including wormers and sundries.  

If my horses were in critical shape----WHY DIDN'T THE  AZ DEPT OF AGRICULTURE-OFFER SOME ASSISTANCE INSTEAD OF TAKING THEM ----TO SOME HOLDING PEN..-- and in some cases-abusing them.

my life --my health-my mobility  have been greatly affected by this----Here I am in a wheel chair--due to a broken hip and with MS and soon to be 84---still maintaining and care for my animals properly-- caring for my horses by those sent to do the job and failed to do so-- is not MY FAULT. Thank you for taking my reason for LIVING--------
    In my next Blog--The seizure of Crystal and Tam a Rak

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