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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Belle Starr:Accused of Starving Horses at her Silverado Ranch--Douglas,AZ

June 29-2100--After loading Phantom--Rudy Acevedo  of the Arizona Dept of Agriculture--livestock division-- came to my side yard-put a rope on my 11 yearold mare--Crystal and a rope around her 8 day old foal.  As he led them out in front of me--sitting there in my wheel chair: I pleaded with him--PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY BABIES. In his arrogant way---he showed me that he could do whatever he PLEASED.
Crystal had not been taken care of properly in her last month of pregnancy and giving birth---as to being supplemented --.was in poor condition but not critical.  I had ordered extra hay and 1 gal of Calf Manna
and Cracked Corn (mixed)--given once a day.  --But the lady: Rachel Rutherford-- who had the JOB of feeding the horses failed to do so.  HOW DO I KNOW?  I had the rations in my kitchen but they were never fed to her--I also asked for a  block of RED MINERAL SALT to be put in with her--(she had none) SALT  is a must for ALL HORSES 365 days a year.......


                                              Crystal and Tam A Rak at  birth--June 8-2011

                                          Crystal--March 23-2011-----gave birth June 8-2011

                                           Crystal--Serene (Canadian horse trainer)--the boys
                                                   from New Hampshire--March 2011

         Please view Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch on You Tube---posted by Rachel Clink ( also known as Rachel Rutherford---Rachel Tangary and Corina Shoester--her email imposter name (as she admitted to Hilary O'Bert--the livestock inspector----trying to get information regarding Belle Starr)  HOW DO I KNOW??----received email from Hilary O'Bert to that effect.

after viewing the posts on YOU TUBE----Rachel Rutherford had been in contact with Hilary O'Bert or Steve Boice of Horse'n Around Rescue--where Crystal and Tam A Rak were being kept until adopted out--
as Rachel responds to a comment regarding Crystal and Tam A Rak. 

  MY NEXT BLOG:   Addressed to: The AZ Dept of Agriculture--the Officers and the three ladies:
    Rachel Rutherford----Maeki Terrell (horse trainer and associate Partner of Rachel Rutherford) and
    Karen Pomroy--President and Founder of Equine Voices--Rescue and Sanctuary--Green Valley,AZ


1 comment:

  1. Just so everyone is aware

    1. I would like to see a dated photo of that being Crystal that was being ridden, because in no way was that just a couple of months before giving birth.

    2. I fed Crystal supplements and 4 flakes of hay a day. I didn't want to use 5 yr old calf manna.

    3. Please do watch the video on youtube just google Belle starr's silverado ranch and you will see the condition Crystal was in the day before she gave birth, and when she gave birth, as well as a week later. She gave birth after I was on Belle's property for 1 week. It takes a LOT longer then a week to get a horse into that bad of condition. I'm so glad I was there to help because no-one else was. I'm thankful that Crystal and her baby Surprise lived through that ordeal.

    4. It's under RachelnClink not rachel clink. And my name was NOT tangary it's Tanquary. Thank you.