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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belle Starr:Accused of Starving Horses at her Silverado Ranch--Douglas,AZ

                                                         Summonsed to Court Jul 6-2011
 June 30-2011 The  Dept. of Ag.--livestock   inspector--Hilary O'Bert--
along with three horse trailers and drivers---came to my Ranch---roped
and forced 12 of my horses into the trailers.---some falling due to stress and histeria
as they were pulled and hit from behind.

Due to an anxiety attack from sitting in my wheel chair and watching this---
911 was called by my helper of 18 years---Julie Hernandez.  Medics arrived and
and gave me oxygen to control my breathing.
My horses had NEVER been abused--as they were that day .

They took my prime horses---none were in poor condition  as stated by Rudy Acedo
in his complaint---with the exception of three----.a mare with 8 day old foal---who had not been fed-watered and supplemented plus a salt block in her yard as I had directed to do so. and an 18 year old mare--who -being Arabian--was always thin.
As  Rudy Acedo--roped my 22 year old mare out--in front of me in my wheel chair--I cried
and asked him--please--don't take her---We had been together for 18 years and never apart.
In his DEFIANT MANNER--he led  her to the trailer. --Phantom (my personal horse) looked at
me and as if to say---Why are you doing this to me.
Phantom, was taken to a Rescue place consisting of four acres--known as Horse'n Aroun
in nearby Hereford,AZ:--by Steve Boice-- the part owner of a non Profit 501C(3).  She was ordered by the AZ Dept of Ag---to be put in a pen--watered and fed--until July 18-2011 --at that date--she was returned to me by Steve Boice and livestock inspector-Hilary O'Bert--There were here to take three more of my horses--as ordered by the Judge.

My helper--Julie Hernandez--led Phantom to my side yard--outside view of my bedroom window
along with her horse companion of 16 years--El Capitan.  They were both celebrities--Phantom in the Movie "The Postman in 1997--an Capitan--a Mariachi Dancer in Mexican Fiestas. 

July 22-2011: I noticed that Phantom was losing weight--her stomach seemed bloated and she was getting "hippy".  I told Julie to watch her and see if she was consuming  her food.

July 25: Phantom stopped eating---Julie took me out to her--in my wheel chair--SOMETHING
WAS WRONG---She came over to me--as if to say "goodbye"  She died in the middle of the night.  She is buried in my side yard by my bedroom window.
WHY THEY TOOK HER--THEN RETURNED HER----that is a good question--
She was in good health when the AZ Dept of Agriculture took HER---7 days later---

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