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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting the Town of Silverado of the 1800s

The starting of town of Silverado got underway on March 18, 2011. Three campers came together to work on one of the building in exchange for staying on the property. Even though they had not met each other until this morning they quickly formed a team and the construction was underway. Part of the challenge was finding construction material, parts, and equipment to use to repair the old original ranch house of the 1800s Spanish land grants 40,000 acre Box Hook Ranch now known as the Silverado.

These three worked well together as a team. They are probably also beginning a great friendship. Jim (in the maroon shirt) is from California. He is a full time RVer. Chuck (in the gray shirt) is from Minnesota. He is a first year RVer. Peter (in the blue shirt) is from Alberta, Canada. He is on his fifth year RVing. I think this "free" labor is some of the best laborers that have been here. They all put their heads together as to how best to rebuild and reinforce this original ranch house and the end result was impressive! 

At the end of the day we will be having a pot luck and bon fire. I am sure that stories will be exchanged. Some may even be true.

One never knows what they will experience while boondocking. We never expected this but we couldn't have planned a better experience!

Submitted by guest blogger, LeaRae Keyes, Chuck's wife

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  1. Yeah, those were the days..... We are happy to be here on the ranch giving a hand to one of Belle's projects. It is a beautiful place with a great view over the valley.