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mares of Silverado

mares of Silverado

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morning Call at the “Silverado”

Morning Call at the “Silverado”                           April 2009

Awakened by the crowing of my little white bantam Rooster, Romeo out on my porch, along with his little
White hen ,Juliet. It’s 5:30AM---right on the “dot”. The
Open ranged hens with their colorful roosters are busy
Scratching and pecking for a bug, an insect or a grain of

In the distant paddock at the far end of the back forty—
Buster Brown, the big burro arouses the other 58 herd of
Horses and mini donkeys with his long drawn out “e-haw
e-haw e-haw eeee-haw.

Sassy, the yellow headed Amazon saying “hello pretty girl”-
Wanna play now? Then telling the other birds to “shut up”
Not to mention the two cats, Pompeii and Chiffon who are busy
Keeping the mice at bay.

I ramble to my feet—getting older—getting slower: meander to
The kitchen—turning Crissy, the dalmation / lab and tiny trickster
Martina out the door for that morning “squat”.

It’s coffee now instead of tea—need that extra boost to “ get up and going”
Ready to meet the morning sun. Fire up my constant companion
Johm Deer Gator---head out with a bag of carrots for all my
Children---classify myself as “old Mother Hubbard” who lived
In a shoe---had so many children she didn’t know what to do!!!!!

Becoming a “Woman of the West”---a one woman Rancher and
Caretaker of strays—both animals and those in need of food-water-shelter has made my 81 years on this earth one enjoyable

“Silverado” historical therapeutic Ranch welcomes all who are
“SEARCHING” be is adventuresome—reliving the Old West or a
Quiet time with Nature. A trail ride with wrangler Enrique.
A buggy ride pulled by Buster Brown or tall tales by Belle---and the
Latest to sign on with “Silverado”: Shane Hayes from California
Who is into producing Music and Movies.
Who knows—perhaps a song or a movie all about you living the Old West with the mountains of Old Mexico in the background.

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  1. Hi Belle...very nicely laid out blog!
    Love that sunshine and the BIG sky in your header photo. Also love your "creature" family. They are fun aren't they.
    Our goats,chickens,dogs,cats,etc also keep us very entertained here on our island on the south coast of British Columbia, Canada. In fact our goats are even bigger rascals than Al's donkeys! (And that is saying something!)

  2. Hey there shining Starr. Really nice!!


  3. Happy New Year,Shinning Belle Starr. May all your hopes and dreams just fall right in your lap in 2010.


  4. Dear Belle, Have really enjoyed all the history of your ranch from Al's post and your site. I'm an animal lover too and have a collection of babies myself. Keep up the good work Belle and hope your 2010 is full of good things.

  5. Hi Belle, I sure have enjoyed our talks over the last few days. I am working on those pictures of your puppies that I took today, so hopefully I can send them to you tomorrow. Dave and I will feed the animals tomorrow and Al said he would also come and help. I also will try to clean out some of the cages and pens and the ground between them.
    You are a great lady and I am so glad I am getting to know you better.
    Talk to you soon. :) Cindy